Ray Moore’s writing….

One of the many reasons I admired the late Ray Moore is his writing. One of the last projects we worked together is titled, “The Stones of Bastogne Turn Sixty”. It details the heroics of the 10th Armored Division, a part of Patton’s Third Army command. Ray was a member of the 10th Armored. He built the video piece around surviving members of the 10th Armored who returned to Bastogne in 2004 to a celebration of the 1944 event. Ray always gave you memorable lines. For example, he described the German counterattack, the battle of the Bulge, as “Hitler’s last bloody spasm”. Ray also wrote about the soldiers in that very cold December as “bearing the unbearable cold”. If you’re ever at the Patton museum in Fort Knox,Kentucky, you’ll find Ray’s pieces. Push a button. You can see and hear my friend’s extraordinary talent.


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