My doctor says

“rehab is a bear.” He’s right. Without proper pacing, the closer you get to the finish line, the heavier the bear.


2 Responses to “My doctor says”

  1. Charlotte McChesney Says:

    Don, I hope your rehab is going along smoothly and that you’re getting stronger and better every day. My husband also has a severely leaking tricuspid valve and has been advised to call Dr. Guyton. I know he’s an excellent doctor but I wonder if you ever considered Cleveland Clinic and their robotically assisted valve repair. . .and, if not, why? We don’t even know if George would be a candidate for valve surgery at all, whether it’s Emory or Cleveland, but we’re just trying to gather all the information we can before we leap. Thanks for any input you might like to give us.

    • Don McClellan Says:

      Charlotte, thank you for your good wishes. About your husband: I talked to some of the best people I know in the medical field. Some of the places I considered were Mt. Sinai, Northwestern, the Northwest Medical Center in Gainesville, Georgia, and Emory. All have good things to recommend them. The closeness of Emory was an important factor. Perhaps robotics would have been a better choice, but I never explored that possibility to any great degree. Emory does not offer robotic tricuspid valve. Please let me know if you all make a decision. REHAB IS A BEAR! Don

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