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The Nonagenarian and his family

July 31, 2012

These two pictures illustrate what can happen in just two years.  The first one is Ray Moore’s family with him on his 88th birthday.   Look how the group has grown for the big 9-0.  Ray turned 90 Sunday, July 29th.  One of Ray’s sons characterized the birthday celebration as a “magnificent” event!  Ray’ still “lookin’ good”!  It’s in the genes!


Athletics smorgasboard

July 30, 2012

I don’t think I’ve seen marbles yet  in the Olympics, but there seems to be just about everything else….for which I’m grateful.  Even we ping -pong players can identify.  NBC is providing enough channels so that almost every sport gets on the tube.   It’s a good thing!


July 29, 2012

Sunday, July 29th, my friend-mentor Ray Moore joins the ranks of such notable celebrities as Mickey Rooney and Phyllis Diller.  The former WSB-Television News Director-Anchor becomes a Nonagenarian.  God’s smiling on Ray and the smile is even wider for those who’ve had a chance to know this remarkable man!

Olympics..just get on with it.

July 28, 2012

I’m the curmudgeon in the minority on this opinion.  It seems to me that all the pageantry that comes with the opening of the Olympics  places the focus on theater instead of the athletic competition.   Let’s just get on with it!

“Reporter Emeritus”

July 26, 2012


 It was a fun time Wednesday evening to be at Monica Pearson’s final so-long for awhile.  It comes for this effervescent personality  after 37-years at WSB Television in Atlanta.  This charismatic lady is leaving her daily anchoring duties, but not saying goodbye.  She is now a “reporter emeritus” and will do special reports from time to time.  For my treasured memory book is this picture of me with Monica and my long-time friend and mentor Ray Moore.  We three together represent more than 135 years in broadcasting.

Too Cute

July 25, 2012

This lady and her canine were among those exercising today (Tuesday) on the Silver Comet Trail in Cobb county, Georgia.  It’s a suburb of Atlanta. The lady  told me that it’s a tripod Yorkshire, a rescue pet that’s lost one of its legs.  She named it T.C….Too Cute.   T.C. seemed to be enjoying his ride on the Silver Comet, perhaps as much as passengers on the Silver Comet train so many years ago.

Walking on hot coals

July 24, 2012

Wire services are reporting that followers of mind-over-matter motivational speaker Tony Robbins walked on hot coals this past weekend.   Three of them went to the hospital with third degree burns.   Mind over matter apparently doesn’t work for everyone.

Write Lyrics

July 23, 2012

Are you a song writer?  Do you have any rules  you follow?  How do you choose your subjects?   Is it OK to use cliches?   Do the lyrics always reflect your life experiences?  Who writes the music?   Who are some of your favorite song writers?  How many “successful” songs have you written?  Advise for a first-time composer?

Robo calls

July 22, 2012

During this political season, robo calls have flooded one of my listed telephone numbers.   It’s either the candidate or someone speaking in the candidate’s behalf.  The caller is soliciting mine or my answering machine’s vote.   I don’t know how they will affect my machine, but I make a mental note of the canidates who use this irritating technique.  I’ll remember at the ballot box.

A morning at the Silver Comet

July 20, 2012

6-month-old Parker Ward

These are scenes from the Silver Comet trail near Atlanta.  Its namesake is the Silver Comet passenger train that ran on this now abandoned railroad track.   It’s paved for use by walkers, runners and bicyclists.

Rita Wilson on this Thursday morning is taking her 6-month-old grandson on a Silver Comet jogging buggy excursion.  This particular stretch of the Silver Comet trail in Cobb county is 12.8 miles.  Today I did about half of it.